Amillieanda (cupcakecadaver) wrote,

Phone Bill! Please help D:

Due to misinformation/lying on the part of a free calling software by boyfriend (an IT specialist) has been swearing by (and then recommended all of my family to use to call me), by phone bill since I have been in Japan is in a sweet little out of control spiral. I hate to do this, but if anyone has even a few cents to spare, it would really help me out...because as of now there is no way that I will be able to pay this. Today I was just paid, but also I had to pay my key money which was around $2, I am very close to broke...I am posting here instead of my Japan blog because I really don't want for my family to freak out and think that I have no money....but, it is a bit of a dire situation that I am in.... Sorry to bother you.... but if anyone could help out I would appreciate it forever.


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