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Party like it's 1999!

When I come back to America for Christmas break, I would really love to have a lolita party. I want for the theme to be vintage lolita, a-la-1999 style (toxic Meta lace, black x white coords and Mana look-alikes all welcome!) I will be home from Christmas till Jan 5th, so it would be sometime between then. I just had this idea, so details and community posts to come, but just wanted to let people know :) (It will also be the first lolita meet up/ planned thing I am hosting so if anyone has any suggestions please comment!)

Let me know if you would like to come and if you have any days you definitely couldn't come. Also let me know if you have any ideas for activities or places to go :)


Please come! I love you!
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I love the theme!! I want to come, it just depends on what day the party is happening (I've got extended New Year's Eve plans).
yeah I didn't want to have it for New Year's Eve because I figured everyone would have plans. When will you be free? I would really like it if you could come :)
If you want to do it sometime around NYE, I'll be free December 30th, January 3rd, & January 4th. I really want to come too!!
I'll be back from Japan right around New Year's so anytime between then and the 5th is fine with me!
Awesome. Sorry I won't be able to see you in Japan. If you want any shop recommendations though, I can try to help you so feel free to ask (tho I am not an expert on Tokyo!)
lol It's okay, btw... have you heard from graffittist_kei? I've emailed her a few times but no response... I hope she's okay =/ I was going to hang out with her in Tokyo and stuff.
Hey! Yeah she tried calling me the other day, but we ended up not getting in touch. Do you use msn messenger? I think she uses it a bit. If I talk to her, I will ask her to email you back :)
OMG yes please! Do ask her to email me back D: I do use MSN messenger, but I don't want to randomly add her like a stalker LOL. You can tell her that she can add me on MSN, it's the same email address that she already has.

Thank you so much :O! I was really worried since I haven't heard from her!
haha yeah she can be elusive. she won't mind though im sure you can add her. pretty sure I just added her out of the blue...haha.


November 7 2009, 06:48:07 UTC 7 years ago Edited:  November 7 2009, 06:49:57 UTC

hmm... Okay, but I'm not sure which is her MSN email tho =/ LOL

edit: NVM... GOT IT LAWL
my msn isnt working or else i would give it to you. tell her I said "hi!" :)
I love the theme, hehe! Almost any day between christmas and new years eve would probably be ok with me
Awesome! I will let you know a date when it gets closer. I would love it if you could come <3
awww I'd love to come and the theme sounds like a blast! but I'm pretty sure I'll be in florida . . . -_-;;
oooh noooo! Florida! haha. Have fun. Will you be on a family vacation?
yeahyeahyeah ;)
I totally want to come!! XDDDD! Miss you dear!
I miss you tooooooo! I was thinking today that I really would love to do Otakon again. It was really fun :)
I obviously can't come (boo!) but have fun! Sounds like a fab idea! XD

And you got my email right?
I did get your email! Thank you :) Look for something from me around the beginning of next month! <3