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DS: Closet Cleaning, a little bit of everything and some reposts!

forever without a post?

hello whoever might be reading this!

Sorry to go forever and a day without ever posting anything in my livejournal. Some awesome news though, will be launching in a few weeks! I will have a few handmade items up for sale, as well as some cute things from Japan such as swimmer items and teapots! If there is anything specific you would like to see offered on the site, please let me know! (examples: cosmetics, false eyelashes, deco-nails, stationary, other styles of clothing). Also, let me know how much you would be willing to pay for those things. For example, deco nails can be quite expensive for nice ones between 2,000-3,000 yen for a pair.

I don't have a dress form in Japan, so this also means I will have to model everything I am selling. So it means I will have some photos to show soon! yay!

On another note, can't wait to come back home to Philadelphia. I miss everything and everyone so much. Looks like I am going to be moving in with my boyfriend. He promised me we can look for a place that has a yard so I can garden :) So excited!
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Chantilly Online Shopping!

Chantilly is proud to announce that they are opening an online web shop! In addition, they are offering international shipping and payment through Paypal.

For those unfamiliar with the brand, Chantilly is an indie brand sold in Atelier Pierrot stores. For the past two years, they have also participated in Japan Expo along side other Japanese designers such as Angelic Pretty and Baby the Stars Shine Bright. Chantilly is also well known for their collaborations with Kokusyoku Sumire. In my opinion, they are best known for their classic lolita styling and very high quality lace! Please take a look!

direct link to online shop:

Chantilly main shop:


ALSO---I hope I don't cause their website to crash! D:


Would anyone be interested if I offered goods from Swimmer? I don't think I could do a shopping service because the store near me has a really limited selection, but if I did offer things what would you like to see? (ex. bags, gloves, stationary)
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Music Recommendations!

This is some of what I'm listening to now. Maybe you will enjoy? I hurt my ears tonight riding my bike home and listening to my ipod too loud. ouch....

some cool shit

some kinky shit

some evil shit

some awfully gay shit (wouldn't let me embed the real video. grr)
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Party like it's 1999!

When I come back to America for Christmas break, I would really love to have a lolita party. I want for the theme to be vintage lolita, a-la-1999 style (toxic Meta lace, black x white coords and Mana look-alikes all welcome!) I will be home from Christmas till Jan 5th, so it would be sometime between then. I just had this idea, so details and community posts to come, but just wanted to let people know :) (It will also be the first lolita meet up/ planned thing I am hosting so if anyone has any suggestions please comment!)

Let me know if you would like to come and if you have any days you definitely couldn't come. Also let me know if you have any ideas for activities or places to go :)


Please come! I love you!
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Sequin Bows! Melty Chocolate

Hi everyone! Sorry I never update, times have been a little rough! (haha) But I just wanted to post and say I am making a few more sequin bows for now, so please check the link if you would like to buy one! (I know there was some interest in one in black!) Thanks!

Also up for sale, pink x white melty chocolate set here: