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Friends Lock   
11:23pm 09/12/2015


My lj has been dead for a very, very long time. Please visit my etsy at etsy.com/shop/sweetmildred or follow me on twitter @_sweet_mildred



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01:39am 07/11/2013
  Please leave feedback for any purchases or sales here. Thank you!  

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DS: Closet Cleaning, a little bit of everything and some reposts!   
12:49am 25/08/2012
  Angelic Pretty Milky Berry in Black, Angelic Pretty Rose Princess OP, Alice Auaa RARE jacket, Stigmata blouse, BTSSB fully shirred JSK, offbrand white furry jacket,Betsey Johnson and MORE! Collapse )

Read more...Collapse )

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forever without a post?   
09:27pm 23/02/2010
  hello whoever might be reading this!

Sorry to go forever and a day without ever posting anything in my livejournal. Some awesome news though, getcutequick.com will be launching in a few weeks! I will have a few handmade items up for sale, as well as some cute things from Japan such as swimmer items and teapots! If there is anything specific you would like to see offered on the site, please let me know! (examples: cosmetics, false eyelashes, deco-nails, stationary, other styles of clothing). Also, let me know how much you would be willing to pay for those things. For example, deco nails can be quite expensive for nice ones between 2,000-3,000 yen for a pair.

I don't have a dress form in Japan, so this also means I will have to model everything I am selling. So it means I will have some photos to show soon! yay!

On another note, can't wait to come back home to Philadelphia. I miss everything and everyone so much. Looks like I am going to be moving in with my boyfriend. He promised me we can look for a place that has a yard so I can garden :) So excited!

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shameless! please read!   
10:20am 11/01/2010
  please vote for my boyfriend's band (Woe). It takes all of 2 seconds and he could win free recording time, which he really needs. Feel free to repost this anywhere! get your grandmom voting!



thank you! :)

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Chantilly Online Shopping!   
11:30pm 01/12/2009
  Chantilly is proud to announce that they are opening an online web shop! In addition, they are offering international shipping and payment through Paypal.

For those unfamiliar with the brand, Chantilly is an indie brand sold in Atelier Pierrot stores. For the past two years, they have also participated in Japan Expo along side other Japanese designers such as Angelic Pretty and Baby the Stars Shine Bright. Chantilly is also well known for their collaborations with Kokusyoku Sumire. In my opinion, they are best known for their classic lolita styling and very high quality lace! Please take a look!

direct link to online shop:

Chantilly main shop:


ALSO---I hope I don't cause their website to crash! D:

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04:41am 15/11/2009
  Would anyone be interested if I offered goods from Swimmer? I don't think I could do a shopping service because the store near me has a really limited selection, but if I did offer things what would you like to see? (ex. bags, gloves, stationary)  

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Music Recommendations!   
02:50pm 07/11/2009
mood: sleepy
This is some of what I'm listening to now. Maybe you will enjoy? I hurt my ears tonight riding my bike home and listening to my ipod too loud. ouch....

some cool shit

some kinky shit

some evil shit

some awfully gay shit (wouldn't let me embed the real video. grr)

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Party like it's 1999!   
07:13am 06/11/2009
  When I come back to America for Christmas break, I would really love to have a lolita party. I want for the theme to be vintage lolita, a-la-1999 style (toxic Meta lace, black x white coords and Mana look-alikes all welcome!) I will be home from Christmas till Jan 5th, so it would be sometime between then. I just had this idea, so details and community posts to come, but just wanted to let people know :) (It will also be the first lolita meet up/ planned thing I am hosting so if anyone has any suggestions please comment!)

Let me know if you would like to come and if you have any days you definitely couldn't come. Also let me know if you have any ideas for activities or places to go :)


Please come! I love you!

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Sequin Bows! Melty Chocolate   
02:37pm 26/09/2009
  Hi everyone! Sorry I never update, times have been a little rough! (haha) But I just wanted to post and say I am making a few more sequin bows for now, so please check the link if you would like to buy one! (I know there was some interest in one in black!) Thanks!


Also up for sale, pink x white melty chocolate set here:


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Phone Bill! Please help D:   
12:35pm 21/08/2009
  Due to misinformation/lying on the part of a free calling software by boyfriend (an IT specialist) has been swearing by (and then recommended all of my family to use to call me), by phone bill since I have been in Japan is in a sweet little out of control spiral. I hate to do this, but if anyone has even a few cents to spare, it would really help me out...because as of now there is no way that I will be able to pay this. Today I was just paid, but also I had to pay my key money which was around $2,500...so I am very close to broke...I am posting here instead of my Japan blog because I really don't want for my family to freak out and think that I have no money....but, it is a bit of a dire situation that I am in.... Sorry to bother you.... but if anyone could help out I would appreciate it forever.



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new journal for Japan   
01:45pm 22/07/2009

I will continue to maintain this journal (like I ever did....haha) but the new one is specifically for Japan and my experiences there, while this one will continue to be for lolita fashion. Thanks and please add me if you are interested!

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People who are going to Otakon and picking up badges Thursday....please help!   
11:01pm 14/07/2009
  Because I waited till the last minute to pre-register and then got deathly ill, I missed the pre-registration deadline. Is there anyone who is picking up their badge Thursday night who wouldn't mind letting me borrow it for 1-2 hours so that I can take my things into the Artist Alley and set them up? I would go and set it up Friday morning, but I think that I will not have enough time to make it to the tea party if I do that, and the hassle might kill me.

Please let me know if you could help! I would only need to show a badge to sign up for my table Thursday night and then I will give it back, set-up in the Artist Alley is between 5-9 pm Thursday, so if any time between then I could borrow a badge you would be the most awesome person ever!!!!!

Thanks so much!


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CRYCRYCRY who remembers this? D':   
02:08am 15/06/2009

i wont show the end but if you havent seen this please watch it, i forgot how wonderful and chilling it is. Love....*sniffle*

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Please read if you have not already seen   
11:28pm 07/06/2009
  Every little bit helps, help a friend of a friend please


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JET Placement!!!! Yeah!   
05:00pm 29/05/2009
  Looks like I will be moving to Fukui! I am pretty sure I will be teaching senior high school.....gulp. Castles and ocean! Super exciting!!!!

Also, I got the table at Otakon! Look for me please <3

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11:45am 25/05/2009
  I am thinking of going to Japan Day in NYC May 31st. Would anyone be interested in going with me?

Also, I bought the domain name for my website! Super excited! :D Now, back to work!

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12:49pm 22/05/2009
  Quick newsflash:

-Someone is going to take my apt.! Joy! She is really nice, my age and from NYC! I pray she doesn't flake out.

-Chris had a show with Rotten Sound and Misery Index Friday night. It was awesome. Pegged his friend as a male thong guy. I WAS RIGHT!

-So we (Chris and I) come home from the show on Friday at about 12 am (not super late). And Chris' car is missing. Someone stole it....so...I have no car until he gets a rental because he needs to drive to work everyday. Also, I am stuck on a 40 minute bus ride to school everyday until he gets his car back. I am taking advantage of that to read "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas", and...I'm so excited.

-My fashion design collection is due next Thursday. I have so much to do, but after that is finished with, I will be a free woman.

-I am having a problem with Little Cat. Little cat belongs to Chris and she has no concept of personal space. She frequently will do things like SCRATCH ME IN THE FACE IF SHE WANTS ME TO PET HER WHILE I'M SLEEPING. Last night I was sleeping, it was maybe 5 am, and she was jumping around on my body. I woke up and moved and she jumped off my arm, her back claw caught my pinky, and cut it open. (REALLY cut it opened, I'm a bit worried) On top of this, whenever I issue a complaint about Little Cat (more like "Satan Cat") to Chris, he responds saying "Well, she wouldn't do that if Nigel didn't chase her". Nigel doesn't really chase her, they play, and, he knows how to chill out when people are sleeping, this cat should learn the same decency. :/

Still don't know where I am going in Japan. Hopefully any day now. Reserved a table at Otakon, still not sure if I got it. That's all :)

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Know anyone who needs a place to live in Philly?   
04:02pm 13/05/2009
  I need to get rid of my apt. by the time that I leave for Japan. If anyone knows anyone who is looking for a place to live in the University City area, give them a ring for me ^^ I just made a Craigslist add, so there are more details in the link:


Thanks for looking!

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06:48pm 29/04/2009
  Credit Score 718!!!! Fuuuuuck yeah :D

I'm bored. I will be opening an online store when I move to Japan and will open a web store. I will also have a table at Otakon. Yay! That's all.

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