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DS: Closet Cleaning, a little bit of everything and some reposts!

Hi! I accept Paypal only and all items are shipped from the US. Prices include shipping within the US, Paypal fees, and includes delivery confirmation. If you live outside of the US or would like a special kind of shipping, please leave a comment and I will give you a quote. All items are in great quality, and are priced to go so if you find my prices to be too high or unfair, please let me know! Items go to the first person to commit to pay. Also, for your safety please pm me your paypal address. I will do my best to screen comments, but prefer to stay on the cautious side of things!

All items are a standard Japanese size unless otherwise noted. Please send me a comment for measurements!

Link to feedback here:

Angelic Pretty Rose Princess OP SET in yellow (and pink): $300 incl. US shipping
In very good condition, worn two or three times. The dress is in the yellow colorway, which was only released once. The head piece is actually the pink colorway, but the color is extremely similar. I am not willing to seperate the set.

Angelic Pretty Milky Berry SET in black: $250 incl. US shipping
Only tried on, never worn. No, I am not interested in splitting the set.

Black Alice Auaa Jacket with Open Buckle Back: $250 incl. US shipping
Bought new in the store in Japan and in perfect condition. Because of the adjusting size, it can fit a larger bust :)

Stigmata Gauze Blouse: $100 incl. US shipping
Super rare piece! Good for taller people, with a long sleeve length. Fits up to a 34 inch bust.

Faux Fur Pearl Jacket: $50 incl. US shipping
I bought this when Angelic Pretty came out with their super poofy jackets forever ago, and have worn it maybe once or twice. There is a small amount of discoloration on the inside, which can be seen here:

G.L.P. Gauze Skirt: $50 incl. shipping
I bought this forever ago in England and the quality is really great. Comes with a detaching deconstructed belt thing that you can throw on other outfits. (First photo with belt, second without it)

BTSSB fully shirred black jsk: $80 incl. US shipping

Missing waist ties. Has been machine washed, but not faded.

Bestey Johnson Black Tiered Eyelet Lace Dress: $120 incl. shipping
Size 6, but fits like a size 8. Bust size I would say 34-36 inches, waist 29-30 inch max. Bought on sale, the quality is really awesome but sadly just not my style :(

Innocent World Jumperskirt: $120 incl. US Shipping

My photo:

In excellent condition, I am the second owner but have never worn this dress.

Handmade Onepiece with Bustle Back: $155 incl. US shipping

In perfect condition, fully lined.

Tripp NYC Skull Dress: $30 incl. US Shipping
Size L. New without tags.

Bodyline Tan/Brown Sweater: $30 incl. US shipping
New without tags, only tried on.

Bodyline Flats in Brown: $35 incl. US shipping

Never worn. There is a scuff on the toe of one of the shoes which you can see in the photo.
Size L/ 24/24.5

Offbrand Onepiece/Roomwear: $30 incl. US shipping

Bought from a Japanese department store and only worn once. In excellent condition.

Handmade Rose Garden Bloomers: $25 incl. US shipping

Brand new. Recommended for up to 36 inch waist.

Handmade Sweets BloomersL $25 incl. US shipping

Brand new. Recommended for up to 36 inch waist.

Thank you for looking! Please let me know if you have any questions.

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